100L Organic Peroxide Storage Cabinet Class 5.2

Part No: EW-OPSC-100L

100L Organic Peroxide Storage Cabinets Class 5.2 with 2 Doors and 1 Shelf built to Australian Standards with Australia wide delivery available
$2,340.00 excl GST

100L Organic Peroxide Storage Cabinets Class 5.2 with 2 Doors and 1 Shelf
Organic Peroxide Storage Cabinets manufactured in Australia, built in accordance with Australian Standards and come in a wide range of sizes. A full range of spare parts, including additional shelves and closing mechanisms are available.

Organic Peroxide Storage Cabinets suitable for safe storage of organic peroxide materials as defined in the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.


  • Patented ‘Stay-Open’ doors
  • Concealed door mechanism
  • Sequentially closing doors
  • 1.2mm zinc coated steel
  • Double walled
  • 5 point shelf support at 40mm increments
  • 3 point locking
  • Earthing point
  • All cabinets are supplied complete with signage as specified in the respective Australian Standards, including the class of goods and the maximum capacity of the cabinet
  • 1 shelf supplied
  • Third Party Compliance Certification


  • Capacity 100 lt
  • External Height 1830 mm
  • External Width 1115 mm
  • External Depth 525 mm
  • Internal Height 1575 mm
  • Internal Width 1020 mm
  • Internal Depth 415 mm
  • Mass 187 kg

All cabinets comply with AS2714-2008 as follows:-

  • Each cabinet is marked with the name and address of the manufacturer.
  • The maximum storage capacity.

30L and 100L models also available

Stock usually available for immediate delivery from Sydney and Brisbane warehouses

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