Extendable Forklift Tynes Class 2 1200mm/850mm (Dual Cylinder)

Part No: EW-EFT-C2-425-1200-850

Extendable Hydraulic Forklift Tynes hydraulically extend 1200mm - 2050mm and retract for double deep stacking and one-sided loading/unloading of truck without repositioning your forklift.
$5,610.00 excl GST
Extendable Forklift Tynes Class 2 1200mm/850mm (Dual Cylinder)

Extendable Hydraulic Forklift Tyne hydraulically extend and retract for double deep stacking and one-sided loading/unloading. These forks help reduce loading times, increase warehouse storage capacity and vastly improve safety.  One-sided loading/unloading eliminates the need to turn the vehicle or drive forklift to the opposite side making the operation safer. Double deep stacking can increase warehouse capacity by up to 30% compared to single deep warehouse operation.

      • Allows double deep stacking, increasing warehouse capacity
      • Allows one-sided loading and unloading, saving time and increasing driver safety
      • Phasing cylinders keep fork motion in sync
      • Reinforced heel gives less deflection
      • Easy connection of the forks onto the fork carrier
      • Dual cylinder models provides greater push/pull power, ideal for performing under demanding circumstances
      • Requires one additional hydraulic function
      • Local technical support and spare parts
      • Optional Pallet Stops prevent forks from protruding through to the rear pallet

      • Class : 2
      • WLL at 600mm LC (kg) : 2500
      • Cylinders per fork : Dual
      • Length (mm) : 1200
      • Extension (mm) : 850
      • Section w x h (mm) : 162 x 57
      • Lost Load (mm) : 45
      • Weight per pair (kg) : 192

      Sydney - Brisbane - Melbourne - Adelaide - Perth