Forklift Goods Cage 1200mm Wide 1000Kg SWL

Part No: EW-WP-GC12

The EW-WP-GC12 Forklift Goods Cage is 1200mm wide and is perfect to transport goods between ground and mezzanine levels.
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EW-WP-GC12 forklift Goods Cage is 1200mm wide and has 1000kg SWL. It is ideal solution to transport goods with forklift from ground level up to a raised mezzanine. Supplied with hinged a ramp to enable furniture trolleys to be easily wheeled into the goods cage.

  • Australian compiance plate fitted
  • 12 Month factory warranty
  • Includes safe use operations manual
  • Workplace hazard identification paperwork included
  • Painted enamel finish

Please note that a forklift Goods Cage is NOT designed or certified to carry personnel (please see our safety cage if this is your intent)