Heavy Duty Castors 450-1000kg

Quality Australian Made X Series Very Heavy Duty Castors are able to carry up to 1000 kg each, the range of heavy duty H Series castors are available in 102, 127, 152 and 203 mm sizes, and available with fully cast iron, or polyurethane on cast iron wheels, in a variety of sizes. Easy process to order: 1> Pick wheel type - Cast iron, polyurethane on cast iron 2> Pick Fork Type - Zinc plated Core Coat™ in swivel plate, fixed plate, wheel brake and direction lock configurations Scroll Down to see the many options / combinations.
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Heavy Duty Castors 450-1000kg

Load rating:450–1000 kg
Wheels:Cast iron, Polyurethane on cast iron
Forks:Zinc plated Core Coat™ in swivel plate, fixed plate, wheel brake and direction lock configurations
Warranty:Three years

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Step 1 - Pick Wheel Type


Cast Iron

Precision ball Bearing


Polyurethane on cast iron

Precision ball Bearing


Step 2 - Pick Fork Type

Plate with Swivel

Plate with Swivel and Wheel brake

Swivel plate and Direction lock

Fixed plate

 Max LoadDiameter x TreadHub BoreFork TypeFork TypeFork TypeFork Type
XCQ100450-820102 x 4860 x 12.7XCQ100/XZPXCQ100/XZPBRXCQ100/XZPDLXCQ100/XZF
XCQ125450-820127 x 4860 x 12.7XCQ125/XZPXCQ125/XZPBRXCQ125/XZPDLXCQ125/XZF
XCQ150450-820152 x 4860 x 12.7XCQ150/XZPXCQ150/XZPBRXCQ150/XZPDLXCQ150/XZF
XCQ200450-820203 x 5060 x 12.7XCQ200/XZPXCQ200/XZPBRXCQ200/XZPDLXCQ200/XZF
XUQ100600-1000102 x 4860 x 12.7XUQ100/XZPXUQ100/XZPBRXUQ100/XZPDLXUQ100/XZF
XUQ125600-1000127 x 4860 x 12.7XUQ125/XZPXUQ125/XZPBRXUQ125/XZPDLXUQ125/XZF
XUQ150600-1000152 x 5060 x 12.7XUQ150/XZPXUQ150/XZPBRXUQ150/XZPDLXUQ150/XZF
XUQ200600-1000203 x 5060 x 12.7XUQ200/XZPXUQ200/XZPBRXUQ200/XZPDLXUQ200/XZF

Mount dimensions:

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